Why the name?

I’m just going to answer this question before it gets asked. Lookingthrough, it seems like an odd title for a website or blog or whatever this is, but it does have purpose.

I try to view the world through a different set of eyes, I try to look through all of the preconceived notions that others present. I do this because I’ve learned, with the help of some very inspiring people, that I’m not on the outside looking in or the inside looking out, I’m in the dead center looking around.

Truth is different depending on what set of eyes you are looking through. So if you continue on you can spend some time lookingthrough my eyes.

I hope seeing a different perspective on the world will help you see the world differently.

If you ever want to have good conversation about anything let me know. You can reach me at takealookthrough@gmail.com

I’ll probably post on here fairly often, it’ll be a good way for me to harness some of my creative energy.

Hope you enjoy!



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